With fulfillment of requirements of new age education IMPTI will build-up good teachers for new age education through system based teaching process.


We believe in the power of synergy and team work and focus our attention on the quality of work and inculcate the spirit of extending the best service as per student's/candidate's need. Every one of us understands our responsibility in delivering the best service.


Every student/candidate is essential to the well being of our organization
Every student/candidate is the real entity
Student/candidate satisfaction is our success


Providing quality service through professional touch
To enhance the procedures and methods for better productivity
Overall to maintain the standard in such a way that it adds life to our students/candidates

Care and Cure

Physician Maria Montessori is recognized as one of the pioneers in the development of early childhood education. She is also credited with promoting a substantial number of important educational reforms that have worked their way over the course of the twentieth century into the mainstream of education. These include the recognition of multiple pathways to learning, the importance of concrete or hands-on learning, the stages of cognitive development in children, and the link between children's emotional development and their ability to learn at an optimal rate. Her ideas about the importance of the first six years of life and the boundless potential of children-regardless of race, gender, or social class-made a significant contribution to human rights as societies around the world began to redefine the rights and roles of women and children.

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