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The most elegant resort in Sillerygaon at the best location amidst 180* view of Mt.Kanchanjung and its range from the lush green valley of Sillerygaon Retreat.

Travel Desk & Location Information

Sillery Gaon

Nestled among the lush green hills and Forest of Sillery Gaon, calm and peaceful setting in the lap of nature far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Admist many towering mountains where magical mists like divine dragon rise from the deep forests, here the earth is an up-child heaven.

Sillery Gaon is a small hamlet located close to Pedong in West Bengal. Nestled at a height of 6000 ft, total of about 30 families live in this village. The place offers magnificent views of Mt. Kanchendzonga along with other peaks like Jumulhari and Fish Tail. The ranges are rewardly experienced with the effects of colour owing to dispersion of light. Every house in this village has a flower garden in its front. In the distance one can see the Sikkimese town of Namchi and the River Teesta flowing through the curves of the hills. There is neither electricity nor market in Sillery Gaon. One can visit Pedong and its attractions from here by car.

Sillery Gaon is a new tourist destination in Darjeeling Eco Tourism map. It is 6 kms. from Pedong under Kalimpong Sub Division. 11 Nos. of village huts are available for "Home Stay".

Nearby Cities: Kalimpong Town, Peidong,Rongey.

Coordinates: 27°8'23"N 88°34'49"E

Sillery Gaon (now a days known as New Darjeeling) is a small village in Darjeeling district. It is situated at the height of about 6000ft. This village is in the lap of Himalayan Mountain range. The name 'Sillery' means a kind of plants grows in abundance in the region.

This village houses around 30 families for whom agriculture and daily-working was a way of life. Now tourism is slowly becoming their alternative profession. This unique village is nearly 99 kms. from New Jalpaiguri. The scenic beauty of green forest, pine trees, cloud, mist and Kanchendzonga takes your mind to another world. Many different kinds of birds and herbs make this place a regular attraction for biologists.

Home stay atmosphere created by the warm and simple hearted villagers as a host makes you emotionally connected with everything. They prepare delicious food that you will remember for days.

By centering Sillery Gaon you can go Ramety View Point, Pedong, Sangchen Dorjee Gumba, Reshikhola, Silent Valley, Kalimpong, Delo etc.

So be ready to explore this small heaven which is waiting for you with all its mystic beauty. Best season to visit anytime except monsoon.

Best Time to Visit

The place attracts tourists throughout the year. However, it is better to avoid the rainy season. In the winters, you would get an excellent view of the entire range of Mt. Kanchendzonga.

Lodging and Dining Facilities

Decent home stay is offered in Sillery Gaon, which comes with furnished rooms, an attached Western bath and basic necessities like electricity,generator,axis wheelchair, hot water, transport arrangement facilities and guides for local treks. Sillery Gaon is a very small village and the home stay facility overlooks the village, the forests and Mt. Kanchendzonga. Food here is essentially home cooked and completely fresh.

How to Reach

By Bus: Pedong can be reached from Siliguri or Kalimpong by bus. From Pedong one can reach Sillery Gaon by car.

By Car: You can also get hired cars from New Jalpaiguri to get to Sillery directly. You need to drive for about 30 minutes to reach Sillery Gaon from Pedong. Alternatively, you can also take shared taxis from Kalimpong to Pedong.

You can also car hire from new jalpaiguri & kalimpong. 

Distance from Sillery Gaon

Bagdogra - 102 kms.

NJP - 99 kms.

Siliguri - 92 kms.

Darjeeling - 79 kms.

Kalimpong - 25 kms.

Lava - 25 kms.

Pedong - 8 kms.

Reshi Khola - 21 kms.

Rhenock - 27 kms.

Rongli - 42 kms.

Gangtok - 96 kms.

Zuluk - 75 kms.

Some Useful Information

1. One can visit Sillery throughout the year except monsoon months

2. It is very cold there during winter months; so, carry adequate warm clothes if you intend to visit in winter.

3. Be prepared for leech-kisses in the forest in wet session.


Sillery Gaon actually located in a very good position from where many popular and off beat destinations can be covered in and around West Bengal and Sikkim. For short trip, walking, light trekking you have option for Ramitey View Point (for literally breath taking view of Mount Kanchendzongha range and 14 turns of river Teesta). Tinchule View Point (awesome view point of mountains and valleys). Damsang Fort (the fort of last Lepcha King. Again a very good place to visit, on the way towards the fort one can experience some really good views of mountains and adjoining forest). Those who are interested in trekking can visit Damsang Fort ruins to/fro4 km from the village. 13th centuries old Gompha (Monastery) near the Mahar regiment base at Pedong with Mummies of spiritual leaders. To get spectacular view of the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas and the river below you can visit Ramiteydara View Point. It takes about half an hour by car to reach Ramitey from Sillery.

Places to See in Sillery Gaon

Tin Chuley is a wonderful hilltop near Sillery Gaon, providing a 360 degree view of the legendary Himalayas, the towns of Sikkim, Jelep La and Nathu La. The place is accessible by car or you can also trek to Tin Chuley. Another amazing spot of the location is Ramitey, a celebrated vantage point, which offers an extensive view of River Teesta with around 14 turns along with the majestic Mt. Kanchendzonga range.

You can also pay a visit to Damsang Fort, located to/fro 4 kms. away from the Sillery Gaon. This fort locally was constructed in 1690 by the Lepchas. However, it was invaded by the British after the Anglo-Bhutan War of 1864. The remnants of the fort only exist now.

Nearby Attractions of Sillery Gaon

Sillery Gaon is surrounded by Pedong, Reshi and Aritar. A major attraction of tourists visiting Sillery Gaon is Sangchen Dorjee Monastery near Pedong. This 300-year-old monastery was built during the reign of Bhutanese in Pedong. The old section of the monastery is admired with some exquisite wall paintings depicting Tantrik Buddhism. The major attraction of the new section is the mummified body of a most revered Bhutanese priest. The annual "Chyam" dance is also held at this place in April-May.

Sillery Gaon

You should also visit Cross Hill near Pedong, built by Fr. Augstine Desgodins in 1882. It stands grandly, overlooking Jelep La and Nathu La and is considered as a place of Pilgrimage for the local Christian Community. Another "must visit" location is the Shahid (Martyr) Park located 2 kms. from Pedong Bazar. A memorial stone has been laid at the park to commemorate the memory of a local young soldier of Indian army, Let Palender Raj who sacrificed his life at Thangdhar Jammu & Kashmir sector (Kargil War). The park offers clear view of Sikkim on the opposite side.

Reshi Khola

A visit to the Rikisum, a majestic viewpoint on the way from Algarah to Lava is also rewarding. You would also appreciate the natural splendor of Kashyone village, located 8 kms. from Pedong Bazar. Savor the majestic view of the union of Rongpo Khola and Tista River, behind this village. The village is dotted with Cinchona plantation. Walk a little ahead to visit Ranibon that has been declared as a preserved forest. You will also find a 300-year old Lepcha house here, which is the sole specimen of the rich Lepcha craft works.

Silence Valley

You can conclude your day tour by savoring the exquisite beauty of the Silence Valley, a small forest area with grassy land, offering the ultimate serenity.


You can enjoy boating at the Aritar Lake (Lampokhari) or step down the Reshi Bridge to join the adventure camping site, where fishing and camping is arranged for the tourists. You can also enjoy short treks to various sightseeing points around Sillery Gaon like Tin Chuley, Ramitey and Damsang Fort. The place is also a heaven for avid bird watchers. You can also enjoy nature walk around the picturesque landscape of the village. However, the best thing to do is to sit idle and watch the mighty Mt. Kanchendzonga changing colours.

Nearby Tourist Destinations from Sillery Gaon

Kalimpong, Lava, Rishop, Borong, Aritar, Namchi, Pelling, Rumtek



Due to nearby forest & due to natural habitat of various small wild animals,reptiles & insects(most of them harmless), you can encounter one or many of them during your stay in our resort . We are sorry for any inconvenience due to them but we can not destroy their natural habitat because this is an eco- tourism facility.