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Geography :

The city is a major communications centre lying astride the Banka River just north of the Damodar River.

Total Area (Sq. Km.) 7024 Latitude23.53 o N, 22.56 o S Longitude83.25 o E, 86.48 o EBardhaman district of West Bengal is spread

over an area of 7024 sq. kms. The district lies between the Ajay and Bhagirathi or Hooghly rivers. It is bounded on the north by the

Dumka of Bihar, Birbhum and Murshidabad districts, on the east by Nadia; on the south by Hooghly and Bankura, and on the west by

Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. The natural boundaries formed by the rivers to the north, east and south are fairly constant and

there have been no major changes over the period. Headquarter of the district is Bardhaman.  

Main rivers of the district are Ajay. Bhagirathi or Hooghly, Damodar and Barakar. In the district 30,949 hectares of the
total land are

covered by forest. These forest areas are broadly classified into Reserved Forests, Protected forests and unclassified state forests

and lands. The district Bardhaman has the pride of having over 194 coalmines within its jurisdiction. The coals are being mined in

Raniganj Coalfield since the year 1800. There are vast reserves of superior non-coking and inferior quality coals in these areas.

Raniganj coalfield also contains large reserves of iron ore occurring chiefly as nodules. Good quality fire clay occurs in the Barakar

stage of the Raniganj coalfield. Besides, the fire clays, various other types of useful clays occur at several places in the Raniganj

coalfield belt, of which, the pottery clays of the Ronei and the light coloured brick clays of Durgapur deserved special mention.

History :
The name Burdwan is an anglicized form of the Sanskrit word Vardhamana. Barddhamana means flourishing expansion centre as a
milestone of enlargement and affluence. In the 17th-18th century, Krishnaram Ray, belonging to a mercantile family unit from Punjab,recognized the zamindari of Bardhaman on a farman issued by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. 
The Ray family continued to rule Bardhaman till 1955.


Present Burdwan :
District Headquarter: Bardhaman City
A district with variety of livelihood, agriculture, industry, and mining, all at their peak. The agricultural production is so high that the
district is called the granary of Bengal. Industrial Township of Durgapur is second almost to none. Mining, primarily for coal, is another activity in the district

Languages Of Burdwan :

Bardhaman is a Multi-language district of West Bengal. Obviously Bangla is the main language of this district, other than
Bangla there are various languages as Hindi, Santhali, English which are commonly used.
In Bangla there are many different dialects used in this district. There are total representations of Bengali (Bangla) dialects in
the linguistic survey of India 5th edition by George Gearson in 1903. But the representation by Sri Sukumar Sen is considered
as most authentic.
According to Sri Sen there are five main dialects of bangla, those are:
1. Rarhi ( dialect of middle-west Bengal)2. Jharkhandi (dialect of north-west)3.Barendri (dialect of north Bengal)
4.Bongali (dialect of south-west Bengal)5.Kamrupi (dialect of north-east Bengal)
Sri Sen also noted that in some sub-dialects of Rarhi dialect, similarity with Barendri and Kamrupi are occasionally found in
Bardhaman district. There are some notable difference between the dialects of middle Bardhaman and west Birbhum. There is
a mix-up between the dialects of Jaugram and Khandaghosh of Bardhaman to the dialect of Bankura District. And there is
some similarity between the dialects of Birbhum District with the dialect of Ketugram, majhigram, Ramjibanpur of Bardhaman.Apart from bangla dialects of West Bengal there are a large part of people who originated from East Bengal so a mixture of Bangal (dialect of East Bengal) are found in this district.Other than Bangla Hindi language are commonly used in the industrial sub-divisions like Asansol and Durgapur, in that Hindi language Khotta, dialect of Jharkhand are commonly found there.There are a large numbers of Tribes like Santhals lives in the district of Bardhaman who uses their own language Santhali between themselves.As per English language is concerned it is used here like the rest of India.


District Profile :

Population (2001 census)  6919698 ,  Male 3602675,  Female 3317023,  Density (per Sq. Km.)  985, Sex ratio (females/per 1000 males) 921,  Sub Division 6,Police Station 32,  Panchayat Samity 31, Gram Panchayat 278,Inhabitated Village 2488, Town 51,  Corporation 2,  Municipality 9, Assembly Constituencies 26,Parliamentary Constituencies 4, Affiliated Primary School 3885,  Secondary School 481, Higher Secondary 178, Junior High School 92, University 1,College 25, Medical College1, Engineering College 6, Music College 1,  B. Ed. 1,  P.Ed. 1,  Homeo Degree College 2,  Technical & Engg. Institute 40, Teachers Training 5

Taluk Headquarters :

Chittaranjan, Salampur, Kulti, Asansol, Baraban, Raniganj, Jamuria, Andal, Faridpur, Coke Oven, New Towhship, Kaksa, Budbud,

Ausgram, Galsi, Mangalkot, Khandoghos, Bhatar, Raina, Jamalpur, Memari, Ketugram, Katwa, Manteswar, Kalna, Purbsthali.

Places of Tourist Interest :

Burdwan town* Katwa* Durgapur* Asansole* Chittaranjan* Kalna

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Places to visit :

Alloy Steel Project (10 kms) • Mining and Allied Machinery Corporation (6 kms) • Durgapur Coke Ovens Project Limited
(6 kms),
A.V.B. (6 kms) • Durgapur Barrage (3 kms) • Durgapur Steel Plant (10 kms) • Philips Carbon Black & Sankey Wheels. • Park in `A' Zone and Bel Park in `B' Zone, Steel Township. • Asansol: 42 kms. Connected with Durgapur by train and bus. • Jaidev: 22 kms. The birthplace of the famous Bengali Vaishnava poet Jaidev

Access :

95 km from Kolkata, Bardhaman is well connected by rail and road. The district of Burdwan has a very good Railway Network with
junction stations. Besides the usual broad-gauge railway tracks there is a narrow gauge between Burdwan and Katwa. The district
has an extensive road network with inter state corridors. The G.T Road (N.H - 2) from Barakar in the west to Panagarh in the east
and further is being extended upto Palsit at the junction point of Durgapur Express Highway.
The Durgapur Express Highway is now easy to connect with NH- 2, N.H - 34 and N.H-7 also.

Study Information :

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 For Burdwan Development Authority Information go by below link


Telephone Directory :

District Administration :

District Magistrate 0342-2662428 / 2625700(R) / 2625702 (R) Fax 0342-2625703/2561899 
Additional District Magistrate (General)  0342-2662364 /2624666 (R) Fax 0342-2663225
Additional District Magistrate (LA)
0342-2662443 / 2662346 (R) Fax 0342-2662443
Additional District Magistrate (ZP) 0342-2662400 / 2662405 (R) Fax 0342-2662400 
Additional District Magistrate (Dev) 0342-2663335 / 2625220 (R) Fax 0342-2663335 
Additional DistrictMagistrate (Asansol)
0341-2253010 / 2253010 (R) Fax 0341-2253019
Additional District Magistrate & CEO, ADDA(Durgapur)
0343-2205374 / 2562349 (R)
Additional District Magistrate (LR)& DLLRO, (Burdwan)
0342-2533348 / 2530641 / 2663355 (R) Fax 0342-2533348
Officer-in-charge Election 0342-2664218 Fax 0342-2664218 RTO, Burdwan  0342-2662451
District Panchayat & Rural Dev. Officer
0342-2560834 Fax  0342-2560834
DistrictPlanning Officer 0342-2663355 District Informatics Officer 
0342-2662582 / 2624790 (R)
District Relief Officer
0342-2550373 Fax 0342-2550373
Burdwan Collectoret PBX 0342-2662408 to 2662412    

Police :                                                                                                                                                      

Superintendent of Police 0342-2662495 / 2624400 (R)
Additional Superintendent of Police
0342-2662394 / 2625710 (R) 
Deputy Superintendent of Police(DIB)
0342-2646964 / 2545505 (R)
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Hq.)
0342-2663402 / 2663851 (R)
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Law & Order)
0342-2563403 / 2563851 (R)
Deputy Superintendent of Police (Enforcement)
0342-2663168 / 2545986 (R)
Burdwan Police Line PBX 0342-2647491
Additional Superintendent of Police, Asansol
0341-2252640 / 2252232 (R)
Deputy Superintendent of Police, Asansol
0341-2252408 / 2253896 (R)
Additional Superintend of Police, Durgapur
0343-2562762 / 2563369 (R)
Sub divisonalPolice Officer,Durgapur
0343-2564067 / 2563831 (R)
Sub divisonal Police Officer, Kalna 03454-255086 / 255062 (R)
Sub divisonal Police Officer, Katwa
03453-255020 / 255020 (R)

Police Stations :

Andal   0341-2373378 Ausgram 03452-254213 Asansol (North) 0341-2202549 Asansol (South) 0341-2202225 Asansol Police Control 0341-2203287 Asansol Police Office 0341-2202640 Asansol GRP  0341-2202574
0343-2583779 Burdwan Sadar 0342-2664466 / 2664467 Barabazar (phanri)  0342-2668764  Birhata (phanri) 0342-2568769 Barabani  0341-2272268Budbud 0343-2512257 Bhatar 0342-2322223 Coke Oven 0343-2555060 Chaittaranjan 0341-2525368 Durgapur 0343-2564081 Durgapur Newtown 0343-2556993
0343-2545085 Galsi  0342-2450238 Guskara (phanri) 03452-255135 Hirapur 0341-2231547 / 2230247  Jamalpur 03451-288225 Jamuria 0341-2455440 Jhingri Moholla 0341-2202746 Katwa 03453-255023 Kalna 03454-255040 Kanksa 0343-2524244 Ketugram 03453-272224 Kulti  0341-2515555   Kenda (phanri) 0341-2667432 Keshabganj (phanri) 0342-2556601 Kalyanpur (phanri) 0341-2253323 Khandoghosh 03451-262260 Loudaha 0341-2670866 Monteswar 0342-275523 Mongolkote 03453-266228 Memari 0342-2250232 / 2260600 Muradpur (phanri) 0342-2569197 Madhabdihi  03451-251230 Nutanganj (phanri)  0342-2531780 Pandabeswar 0341-2677336 Purbasthali 03454-264500 Raniganj  0341-2444230 Raina 03451-280230 Rupnarayanpur (phanri) 0341-2531260 Salanpur 0341-2531118 Sripur (phanri) 0341-2201440 Talpukur (phanri) 0341-2202287 

Sub-Divisions :

Sub Divisional Officer, Burdwan Sadar (North) 0342-2662353 / 2625644 (R) fax 2662353
Sub Divisional Officer,Burdwan Sadar (South)
0342-2663319 / 2625689 (R) fax 2663319
Sub Divisional Officer, Asansol
0341-2252222 /2252276 (R) fax 2252223
Sub Divisional Officer, Durgapur
0343-2545141 / 2562851 / 2546105 (R) fax 2548135 
Sub Divisional Officer, Kalna
03454-255028 / 255024 (R) fax 255015 / 256372
Sub Divisional Officer, Katwa
03453-255550 / 255551 (R) fax 257800 / 257551


Blocks :

Andal 0341-2373448 Fax 0341-2373448 Ausgram-I 03452-255056 Fax 03452-255056
0343-2517226 Fax 0343-2517226 Barabani 0341-2207465 Fax 0341-2772218
0342-2622577 Fax 0342-2622080 Burdwan-II 0342-2586243 Fax 0342-2586243
0342-2322235 Fax 0342-2322235 Durgapur-Faridpur 0343-2670600 Fax 0343-2670736
0343-2512244 / 2512556 Fax 0343-2512556 Galsi-II 0342-2450243 Fax 0342-2450243
03451-288251 Fax 03451-288515 Jamuria 0341-2667047 Fax 0341-2667047  
03453-255253(O)/255308(R) Fax 03453-257927
03453-244238 (O) / 244555 (R) Fax 03453-244430
03454-255150 Fax 03454-255150 Kalna-II 03454-241566 Fax 03454-241266
03453-273231 Fax 03453-273231
03453-270260 (O) / 256465 (R) Fax 03453-270260
03451-253310 Fax 03451-25331 Kanksa 0343-2524504 Fax 0343-2525415
0342-2250204 Fax 0342-2250204 Memari-II 0342-2700271 Fax 0342-2710092
03453-266222 (O) / 266333 (R) Fax  03453-266333
0342-2750278 Fax  0342-2750522 Purbasthali-I 0342-240335 Fax 03472-240225
03453-248248 Fax 03453-24824 Pandabeswar 0341-2677506 / 267732 Fax 0341-2677321
Raniganj 0341-2444301 Fax 0341-2444301 Raina-I 03451-260222 03451-260222
Raina-II 03451-251226 03451-251226 Salanpur 0341-2530243 0341-2530243

Zilla Parishad :

Sabhadipati 0342-2662401 Sarakari Sabhadipati 0342-2664671 Karmadhakhya, PWD 9146-265790 (R)
Karmadhakhya, Food 0342-2650610 (R) Karmadhakhya, Fishery 9144-265866 (R)                                                      Secretary Zilla Parishad 0342-2664671 District Engineer 0342-2532992 (R) Zilla Parishad PBX 0342-2662405 / 06

Panchayat Samity :

Andal 0341-2373278 Ausgram-I 03452-255167 Ausgram-II 0343-2517377                                                                Barabani 0341-2772218 Fax  0341-2772218 Bhatar 0342-2322273  
Burdwan-I 0342-2622479 Fax 0342-2622080  Burdwan-II  0342-2586656 Durgapur-Faridpur 0343-2670405
0343-2512241 Fax 0343-2512556 Galsi-II 0342-2450205 Jamalpur 03451-288289 Jamuria 0341-2667050 
03454-255928 Kalna-II 03454-241250 Kanksa 0343-2524269 Katwa-I 03453-255527 Katwa-II 03453-244430 Ketugram-I 03453-273232 Ketugram-II 03453-270244 Khandoghosh 03451-253378 Memari-I 0342-2250400 Memari-II 0342-2700395 Mangolkote 03453-266231 Monteswar 0342-2750560 Pandabeswar 0341-2677540 / 2677321 Purbasthali-I 03472-240334 Purbasthali-II 03453-248230 Raina-I 03451-260233  Raina-II 03451-251231
0341-2444230 Salanpur 0341-2525363  

Health :

Chief Medical Officer of Health 0342-2565817 / 2520901 (R) Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health 1. 0342-2565817
Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health 2.
Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health 3.
0342-2562074 / 2568136
Hospital Superintendent
0342-2565228 / 2566501 (R)
Principal, Burdwan Medical College
0342-2558646 / 2556836 Medical College BPX 0342-2558641/242/43                    Homeopathy College 0342-2530601  Hospital Emergency Section 0342-2566486
Asstt. Chief Medical Offier (Katwa)
03453-255301 Asstt. Chief Medical Offier (Kalna) 03454-255034
Asstt. Chief Medical Offier (Durgpur)
0343-2546450 Asstt. Chief Medical Offier (Asansol) 0341-2252176
Super,Asansol Sub Divisional Hospital
0341-2252176 Super,Durgapur Sub Divisional Hospital 0343-2537163
Super,Katwa Sub Divisional Hospital
03453-255060 Super, Kalna Sub Divisional Hospital 03454-255432
Blindness Control
0342-2569272 Zonal Leprosy Officer 0342-2567427 Thalassemia Kalyan Samity 0342-2564069
Sahid Sivsankar Seba Samity
0342-2557505 / 2557251 Student Health Home 0342-2531699
Red Cross Society


Education :

DI. of School (Primary) 0342-2662380 DI. of School (Secrondary) 0342-2662351
Primary School Council
0342-2662371 / 2662372
Chairman, School Service Commission
0342-2625596 / 2622336 / 2567963 (R)
Burdwan Zilla Sakharata Samity
0342-2664304 District Library Officer 0342-2566389                                                Udaychand District Library 0342-2566389 Regional Officer, Madhyasiksha Parsad 0342-2662377
Regional Higher Secondary Council

University :

Vice Chancellor 0342-2532900 (O) / 2532319 (R) / 2557715(R) Registeror 0342-2530300  
University PBX 0342-2533913 / 14 / 17 / 18 / 19
Golapbag PBX 0342-2556566 / 2556549 / 2558554


Superintendent Engineer, Burdwan (D) Circle 0342-2662431 
Divisional Engineer, Burdwan (Distribution) Division 0342-2662437  
Assistant Engineer, Sector 3 (Baranilpur) 0342-2545824 
Assistant Engineer, Sector 1 (Ranisayar) 0342-2662872    
Station Super, Sector 4 (Natunganj) 0342-2532692    
Station Super, Sadhanpur, Kalna Road 0342-2563351

Central Government :

Assistant Commission, Income Tax 0342-2669658 Agriculture Income Tax Officer 0342-2565137
Superintendent of Post Office
0342-2662588 Post Master, Head Post Office 0342-2668728
Assistant Engineer, Doordarshan
0342-2556842 Superintend Central Excise 0342-2565142


GM 0341-2200303 DGM, Asansol 0341-2203186 DGM, Burdwan 0342-2661000
DGM, Durgapur
0343-2546900 SDO, Katwa 03453-255500 SDO, Kalna 03454-255000

Other Important Phone Numbers :

Jail Superintendent 0342-2568817 General Manager, District Industry Centre  0342-2544021
Principal Agriculture Officer 0342-2662179 Chief Executive Officer, Fishery 0342-2568892
Superintend Engineer Irrigation
0342-2663670 /2663699 Regional Officer, Food & Supply 0342-2567141

Emergency Phone Numbers :

Police Station (Sadar Thana) 100/0342-2664466/2664467 Sadar Thana (Women Cell) 0342-2669597
Fire Brigade
101/0342-2556901 Postal Enquiry 0342-2568727 Railway Enquiry 31/0342-2662534
0342-2662538 RFP 0342-2662542 Telephone Enquiry 198 Telephone Assistance 199
Directory Enquiry
151/0342-2664111 Trunk Booking 180  Trunk Assistance 181
Hospital Enquiry
0342-2566486 Hospital Emergency Section 0342-2566486   
Blood Bank Hospital
0342-2563134  St. John Ambulance 0342-2557461   


E-Mail Addresses Of District Officials :

Zilla Parishad :

Sabhadhipati, ZP, Burdwan, WB
Additional District Magistrate (ZP) Secretary Zilla Parishad

District Magistrate Office :

District Magistrate Additional District Magistrate (Asansol)
Additional District Magistrate (Development) Project Director, DRDC 
District Election Officer District Planning Officer  
District Panchayat & Rural Development Officer Regional Transport Officer                      Nazarath Deputy Collector ndc-brd@nic.inDistrict Relief Officer 
Additional District Magistrate (General)

Sub-Divisional Office :

S.D.O., Asanso    S.D.O., Durgapur   S.D.O., Sadar (North) S.D.O.,Sadar (South)   S.D.O., Kalna  

Block Development Office :

B.D.O., Burdwan-I B.D.O., Burdwan-II B.D.O., Raina-I              
B.D.O., Raina-II B.D.O., Memari-I B.D.O., Memari-II
B.D.O.,Ketugram-I B.D.O., Ketugram-II  B.D.O., Kalna-I
B.D.O., Kalna-II B.D.O., Katwa-II B.D.O., Purbasthali-I
B.D.O., Purbasthali-II B.D.O.,Golsi I B.D.O.,Golsi-II
B.D.O., Ausgram-I B.D.O., Ausgram-II B.D.O., Khandoghosh
B.D.O., Jamalpur B.D.O., Bhatar B.D.O., Manteswar
B.D.O., Mongalkote B.D.O.,Faridpur-Durgapur  B.D.O., Andal 
B.D.O., Kanksa B.D.O., Raniganj B.D.O., Asansol  
B.D.O., Barabani  B.D.O., Jamuria B.D.O., Salanpur   
B.D.O., Katwa-I

List Of M.Ps (LokSabha) :

Bardhaman Purba

Shri Anup Kumar Saha Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Constituency: Bardhaman Purba (SC) (West Bengal)
Permanent Address: 21, J.N. Roy Road,Khosbagan, Burdwan, West Bengal-713101,
Telephone No. (0342) 256862, 0934003337(M)  
Delhi Address: 21, Ashoka Road, New Delhi
Delhi Telephone No.  9013180280 (M)   



Sri Bansagopal Chowdhury Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Constituency: Asansol (West Bengal)
Permanent Address:CPI (M) Zonal Committee Office,
Shaheed Samriti Bhawan, 
Girija Para, P.O. Raniganj,
Distt. Burdwan (West Bengal) 
Telephone No.09434078780 (M) (0341)2444672, 2446959 Fax: (0341)2442829 
Delhi Address: 201-202, V.P. House, Rafi Marg, New Delhi - 110 001.
Delhi Telephone Nos. (011)23731672



Shri Sk. Saidul Haque Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Constituency: Bardhaman-Durgapur (West Bengal)
Permanent Address Khudiram Pally, Bahir Sarbamangala, Distt. Burdwan, West Bengal  
Telephone No.(0342) 2657181, 09434003997 (M)
Delhi Address:  Room No.- 201, V. P. House, New Delhi 
Delhi Telephone No.9013180110 (M)


List Of M.L.As (VidhanSabha) :
257Kulti  Ujjal Chatterjee    AITC 
Sodepur Colliery, PO-Sunderchak PS-Kulti, Dist-Burdwan
Dilip Sarkar
Puranhat School Road, PO-Burnpur,PS-Hirapur, Dist:-Burdwan
Amitava Mukhopadhyay
BC College Road, Central Park,PO-Asansol-4, Dist-Burdwan
Prativa Ranjan Mukherjee
Lower Chelidanga, PO & PS-Asansol (South), Dist-Burdwan
Haradhan Jha
Sahid Smriti Bhaban, CPI(M) Office, Raniganj, Dist-Burdwan
Dhiraj Lal Hazra    
Vill&P.O:-Bahula, PS-Andal, Dist:-Burdwan (0341)2667560
Mrinal Banerjee
53,St. Pauls Road, A-Zone,Durgapur-4, Dist- Burdwan (0343)2564214 / (033)24766096
Biprendu Kumar Chakraborty
3/8 Alauddin Khan Bithi, City Centre, Durgapur-16, Dist-Burdwan
Ankur Saresh
Vill:-Gangbill, P.O:-Silampur,Dist:-Burdwan (0343)2525919
Kartick Ch. Bag
Vill-Brajapur, PO-Baro Belgona, PS-Ausgram, Dist:-Burdwan
Sayed Md. Masih
CPI(M) Zonal Committee Office, Bhatar Bazar, PO-Bhatar,Dist-Burdwan,PIN-713125
269-Galsi                                                                                                                                                           Meheboob Mondal
Vill - Atagarh, PO-Suhari,Dist-Burdwan (0342)2346545
Pradip Tah
Prithwi Deep, Dewandighi, PO-Mirjapur, PS & Dist-Burdwan
Niripam Sen
Saheed Pravat Kundu Bhavan, 2 Parkas Road, Dist-Burdwan
Prasanta Majhi
Vill-Baurah, PO-Kendur, Dist-Burdwan
Swapan Samanta
Vill-Bokra, PO & PS-Raina, Dist-Burdwan
274-Jamalpur(SC)                                                                                                                                           SamarHazra
Vill &PONabagram, PS-Jamalpur, Dist-Burdwan
Sandhya Bhattacharya
Someswartala, Milan Sangha, PO-Memari, Dist-Burdwan
Anjali Mondal
Vill-Bhurkunda, PO-Boidyapur, PS-Kalna, Dist-Burdwan
Swapan Debnath
Vill-Chhotokobla, Schoolpara, PO-Vidyanagar, Dist-Burdwan
Chaudhuri Md Hedayatullah
Vill & PO-Kulut, PS-Monteswar,Dist-Burdwan
279-Purbasthali                                                                                                                                                 Subrata Bhowal
Vill-Sulontu, PO-Parulia,Dist-Burdwan(03454)264410
280-Katwa                                                                                                                                                                                         Rabindranath Chatterjee
Barowaritala, PO-Katwa,Dist-Burdwan(03453)255210 / (03453)255178
Sadhana Mallik
Vill-Katwa (Golpara), PO & PS-Katwa, Dist-Burdwan(03453)255497
282-Ketugram (SC)  
Tamal Ch. Majhi   
Vill-Kopa, PO-Barapurulia,PS-Ketugram, Dist-Burdwan(03453)255114


Government Departments :
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